About EC

Elijah Centre is defined as a Global Borderless Kingdom Community, commonly referred to as the GBKC. We describe ourselves as a Kingdom Community to represent the reality that we have been moved far away from the old static positions of a religious faith built around a church service.

We are a diverse and comprehensively built global community, deeply rooted in biblical principles. Our men, women, youth, and children all find their place in the range of initiatives where the doctrine, values, and vision of the community are rehearsed and translated into practical manifestation in the lives of our members.

The dynamic center of the life of our community is the rich spiritual life of our members across the earth. We highly value our gathering together to worship God and to hear His Word, emphasizing the outworking of scripture in practical lifestyle. We also treasure and uphold equality, brotherhood, mutual care and one-ness of life regardless of ethnicity, nationality or economic status.

Elijah Centre is the Creative Core of Congress WBN, a global, faith-based organization affecting human, social and national transformation throughout the earth. Elijah Centre provides Congress WBN with correct godly patterns and operational resource.


Elijah Centre was birthed through a prophetic word which released our Senior Elder, Dr. Noel Woodroffe, and Senior Associate Elder, Graham Taylor to initiate the community on December 23, 1990.

Our initial motto "Preparing the way, Preparing the people, Restoring all things", identified the three pillars of our mandate from the Lord.

Our Mandate

Elijah Centre (EC) has a God-ordained mandate from the Lord to:

Exalt the Name, Person, Character, and Word of the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of our order.

Bring reformation and restructuring to the global Church;

Proclaim to all the nations of the earth a bold new kingdom advance for the 21st Century.

Our Primary Objectives

We believe in righteous and holy lifestyles that are built on the patterns given in the Word of God. There is no compromise to the standards for life defined in God’s Word. Our primary objectives are:

To establish a strong, completely functional, model Kingdom community incorporating the biblical pattern of leadership, viz. plurality of eldership and team ministry in a local assembly of believers whose order and organization is motivated and directed by the Lord.

EC is the spiritual core of Congress WBN. It is the place where we live out the values first in practical, expressed lifestyle.”

- Dr. Noel Woodroffe, SENIOR ELDER

To bring individuals and families to a life-changing encounter with the transforming power of knowledge of Jesus Christ. To equip them and to bring them to maturity in the faith and in supernatural understanding and performance; to bring them to recognition of their own calling and destiny in the Lord, and release them into their ordained functions to accomplish the Lord‘s will for their lives.

To recognize and receive the foundation laying gifts of church apostles and prophets along with the other governmental office gifts of evangelists, pastors, and teachers so that the community may be established on a firm spiritual foundation and be brought to strength and maturity.

To be a community in which prophetic ministry, divine healing, miracles and all the gifts of the Spirit function and are manifested in the nature and character of Jesus Christ.

To function as the “Creative Core” of Congress WBN and to produce all the models of Kingdom life, patterns for spiritual development and strategic initiatives for Kingdom purpose upon which the network is built.

EC - A Global Borderless Kingdom Community

Elijah Centre is a “Global, Borderless Kingdom Community” (GBKC) and these words represent some of the core positions that we hold in Elijah Centre.

We are Global and Borderless because we live in a time when God has ushered the global church into the most dynamic move of the Spirit and revelation of truth that we have ever lived in-The Apostolic Reformation. No environment, culture or geographical restraints hamper the ability of the Church to complete the purposes of God.

We describe ourselves as a Kingdom Community to represent the reality that we have been moved far away from the old static positions of a religious faith built around a church service to the realization of a people who express God through the abundance of a Kingdom lifestyle.

At the core of our community life is the high regard for family and the application of Kingdom principles as the foundation of all successful family life. The Covenant of Marriage is valued within our community order and is seen as one of the core factors for powerful Kingdom expression.

Elijah Centre People Groups

The People Groups (“PGs”) represent the point at which spiritual ministry is directed to specific demographics of our global community.

Each People Group maintains its own schedule of meetings and community activities where the doctrine, values and vision of the community are rehearsed and translated into practical performance in the lives of members.

Elijah Centre is arranged into the following PGs:

Hebron Company: for men 21 years and over

Charis: for women 40 years and over

Zoe (a group within Charis): for women over 60 years.

X-Elle: for women between the ages of 21 and 39 years

GPS-21: for young persons from Form 14 to age 20.

EC Evolution: for adolescents 12-14 years.

Project Heritage: for Children up to age 11